Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to questions on humidity and Humidity products

What size rooms can the moisture absorbers be used in?

The AERO 360° Large Device and Tab will absorb moisture in rooms of up to 20m² in size*, and the Small Device and Power Tab will absorb humidity in rooms up to 10m² in size*. This depends on the moisture level and room temperature.

Where should I put the moisture absorber in my home?

The best place to put the moisture absorber is where there are visible signs of excess moisture. For example, place it on a windowsill where condensation may form or in a bathroom with poor ventilation. See the symptoms of humidity here.

Will the moisture absorber work in a bathroom?

Whilst the product will help to reduce excess moisture/humidity in the room in general, it will not prevent the bathroom from temporarily steaming up during or after a shower or bath.

When will I see that the moisture absorber is working?

It depends on the amount of moisture in the air, but generally, you will see the first drop appear within 12 hours if you are using the AERO 360° Device and Tab and within 24 hours if you are using the standard Small Device and Power Tab. Water is collected in the bottom of the device’s tank as the Tab dissolves.

How long does it last?

The AERO 360° Tab will last for 3 months in a room up to 20m² and the Power Tab will last for 6-8 weeks in a room up to 10m². However this is dependent on the moisture level and room temperature.

How often will I need to empty the moisture absorber?

The moisture absorber only needs emptying when it is full or when the Tab has fully dissolved.

How can the liquid be disposed of?

Once the Tab has fully dissolved, you should use the moisture absorber’s spout and pour the solution from the tank into a toilet.

Is it safe to use in a room where a child or animal sleeps?

Yes, the moisture absorber is safe to use around children and animals, but should be kept safely out of reach.